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Now available: new Product Lists RealStar® Real-Time PCR Kits

Have a look at our current Product Lists RealStar®  Real-Time PCR Kits and discover  several  new developed CE-IVD marked and /or RUO products.


The following products are CE-IVD marked:

RealStar® MERS-CoV (N gene) RT-PCR Lit 1.0 CE (Ref: 651013) for qualitative detection of the MERS-CoV nucleocapsid (N) protein gene (N gene) specific RNA.

This kit was developed to confirm results gained by the usage of RealStar® MERS-CoV RT-PCR Kit 1.0 if necessary. The WHO proposed to utilize N genes as a target sequence to complement NAT assays for screening and confirmation, which target the highly sensitive genes upstream of the E protein gene (upE) and/or the open reading frame 1a (ORF 1a). as our RealStar® MERS-CoV RT-PCR Kit 1.0 does.


  • Kit contains one Positive Control
  • Parallel testing with RealStar® MERS-CoV RT-PCR Kit 1.0
  • Probe specific for MERS-CoV N gene is labelled with the fluorophore FAM™
  • Probe specific for the Internal Control is labelled with the fluorophore JOE™

 Not explicitly published on our current product list. For more information Go-to-specifications- RealStar®-MERS-CoV-(N-gene)


Exhibition Tour altona Diagnostics September 2018

We will be present at the following national and international trade fairs and invite you to come and see us at our booths.


Now registered in Brazil: RealStar® Zika Virus RT-PCR Kit 1.0

altona Diagnostics Brasil LTDA, São Paulo, the Brazilian subsidiary of the German infectious disease specialist altona Diagnostics GmbH (altona), Hamburg, got registration approval of ANVISA for its real-time PCR kit to detect RNA of Zika virus in human sample material such as blood plasma, serum and urine.


Extension of RealStar® Tropical PCR Panel: RealStar® Yellow Fever Virus RT-PCR Kit is now CE-IVD marked

The new CE-IVD marked RealStar® Yellow Fever Virus RT-PCR Kit 1.0 is eveloped for parallel testing with the CE-marked RealStar® Kits Zika 1.0, Dengue 2.0, Rift Valley fever virus 1.0 and Chikungunya 2.0.