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It’s World Pneumonia Day. Pneumonia is one of the leading infectious causes of death of children. To detect causative pathogens of pneumonia in children, altona supplies labs with real-time PCR assays.



The WHO has released its 2023 Essential Diagnostics List (EDL), a register of in vitro diagnostics (IVD), to support countries in making diagnostic decisions. Hepatitis E virus (HEV) has been added to this list, including a recommendation to use nucleic acid tests (NATs) like PCR assays to diagnose acute HEV infections. One of the mentioned PCR tests in the EDL is the altona RealStar® HEV RT-PCR assay.



The likelihood of transmission of vector-borne diseases in Europe is increasing. Especially dengue fever and West Nile fever but also Zika virus disease and Chikungunya become more important for public health authorities. altona Diagnostics provides different suitable CE-IVD marked RT-PCR kits.