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Mobile POC System for infectious diseases in horses

A life science alliance of five institutions and companies from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein develops an easy-to-use portable mini-laboratory named OPTOCHIP.

The infection of horses with highly contagious equine herpesviruses or other treacherous infections is a serious issue not only for their owners but also for riding stable operators and the organizers of horse shows and tournaments.

The diagnosis of infectious diseases in veterinary medicine is currently central laboratory based and therefore very time-consuming. It takes day to weeks before a result comes back to the veterinarian.  Valuable time often passes before appropriate measures can be taken. This can be very costly, as the horses might not get the right treatment in time, but also because of expensive quarantine time for stable operators. The approach of the OPTOCHIP project is to develop a test that takes only 30 minutes from sample collection to result and that can be performed on the spot by the veterinarian. With this new technology it will be possible to save time in the diagnosis of infectious diseases in the barn and significant follow-up costs. Read more




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Announcing of ESCV altona® Competition winners.

During the days of the ESCV fair in Copenhagen 2019 our altona® competition has taken place. Congratulations on winning: we are happy to announcing the winners and we hope they enjoy their prizes. Read more



Have a look at our current Product Lists RealStar®  Real-Time PCR Kits / Product Lists AltoStar®  Real-Time PCR Kits and discover  several  new developed CE-IVD marked and /or RUO products.

RealStar® CE list: New product on the CE list is the RealStar® EBV PCR Kit 2.0. You also find some updates of existing RealStar®  Real-Time PCR Kits.

RealStar® RUO list: New product is the RealStar® AHFV / KFDV RT-PCR Kit 1.0 RUO (launch is planned for Q4/2019) and updated RealStar® Clostridium difficile PCR Kit 2.0 RUO.

AltoStar® Product line: New products are the AltoStar® Work table and the AltoStar® HCV RT-PCR Kit 1.5




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