AltoStar® Detection

AltoStar® Detection completes the final part of the AltoStar® Automation System AM 16 Workflow with two units of the  real-time PCR Cycler CFX96™ Deep Well Dx System (Bio-Rad). All other relevant hardware, like a fully equipped PC and handheld barcode scanner, are included. The CFX96™ Deep Well Dx System is CE-IVD marked, in compliance with the European Union diagnostic medical device manufacturing standards.

Key features

  • Multiple CFX96™ Deep Well DX Systems can be connected with the AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow (AltoStar® Connect software)
  • Sensitive detection for up to five targets
  • Time-saving management via data import through use of handheld barcode scanner or via LIMS (AltoStar® Connect software)
  • Automatic programmimg of real-time PCR instruments via AltoStar® Connect software
  • Streamline data analysis with built-in analysis modules
  • PCR quantification with standard curve analysis
  • Export of results (see AltoStar® Connect software, additional information see CFX Manager™ Dx software)

Content of AltoStar® Detection package DT16

• CFX96™ Deep Well Dx System (IVD, Bio-Rad)part of DT16
• PC for CFX96™ Deep Well Dx Systempart of DT16
• Monitor, keyboard, mousepart of DT16
• Handheld barcode scannerpart of DT16

AltoStar® Detection

Order No.DT16
DeliveryIn separate containers with protective packaging for damage protection

Bio-Rad CFX96™ Dx System / CFX96™ Deep Well Dx System

Bedienungsanleitung CFX96™ Dx and CFX96 Deep Well Dx

Revision der Bedienungsanleitung: 04/2018
Revision der Software: 3.1
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Operation Manual CFX96™ Dx System and CFX96 Deep Well Dx System

Manual revision: 01/2019
Software revision: 3.1
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Manuel d’utilisation Système de CFX96™ Dx et CFX96 Deep Well Dx

Révision du manuel: 04/2018
Révision du logiciel: 3.1
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Manual de funcionamiento Sistemas CFX96™ Dx y CFX96 Deep Well Dx

Revisión del manual: 04/2018
Revisión del software: 3.1
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Manual de operação Sistemas CFX96™ Dx e CFX96 Deep Well Dx

Revisão do manual: 04/2018
Revisão do software: 3.1
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Manuale operativo Sistemi CFX96™ Dx e CFX96 Deep Well Dx

Revisione del manuale: 04/2018
Revisione del software: 3.1
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Bio-Rad CFX96™ Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System-IVD

Bulletin Bio-Rad CFX96™ Deep Well IVD Specifications

Bulletin 6099 REV A: US/EG
15-0463: 0215 Sig 1214
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