AltoStar® Consumables


Please find here all AltoStar® Consumables relevant for the AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow. For optimized consumables managment all material is carefully selected and specially tailored (e.g. barcode) to the needs of each part of the workflow. Contact our sales representatives and fix a standing order related to your needs.

AltoStar® Processing Plate

DescriptionAltoStar® Processing Plate, 96 Deep Well Storage Microplate, 2.0 ml round wells
Order No.VK000001
Shipping Unit50

FrameStar® Eluate Plate

DescriptionFrameStar® Eluate Plate 96 well semi-skirted PCR Plate, with cut corner A12, clear wells, black frame
Order No.VK000003
Shipping Unit50
NoticeFrameStar® is covered by one or more of the following US patents or their foreign counterparts, owned by
Eppendorf AG: US Patent Nos. 7,347,977 and 6,340,589. FrameStar® is a registered trademark owned by
4titude® Ltd.

AltoStar® Eluate Plate Sealing Foil

DescriptionAltoStar® Eluate Plate Sealing Foil with cut corner A12 and 10 mm sides (SP-0236)
Order No.VK000004
Shipping Unit100

PCR Plate

DescriptionHard-Shell® PCR Plate 96-Well, Low-Profile, Semi-Skirted, Clear shell, White well - barcoded
Order No.VK000005
Shipping Unit25

AltoStar® PCR Plate Sealing Foil

DescriptionAltoStar® PCR Plate Sealing Foil, with cut corner A1 and 10 mm sides (SP-0235)
Order No.VK000006
Shipping Unit100

1000 µl CO-RE Tips

DescriptionCO-RE Tips, 8 x 480 High Volume Tips (1000 µl) with Filters
Order No.VK000007
Shipping Unit3840

300 µl CO-RE Tips

DescriptionCO-RE Tips, 12 x 480 Standard Volume Tips (300 µl) with Filters
Order No.VK000008
Shipping Unit5760

Pooling Tube

DescriptionTube 5 ml, 92 x 15.3 mm (round), PP, with altona Diagnostics barcode
Order No.VK000002
Shipping Unit1000

Waste Bag

DescriptionSterilbag, Bag Type 60 - Autoclave 134 °C
Order No.VK000009
Shipping Unit500

Sample Tube

DescriptionSecondary Sample Tube, 7 ml with cap, 82x13 mm
Order No.VK000010
Shipping Unit1000

Sample Tube Caps

DescriptionRibbed plug (Lamellenstopfen) PE, Ø 13 mm with high grip, for secondary sample tubes
Order No.VK000011
Shipping Unit2500

AltoStar® Container Re-Sealing Foil

DescriptionAltoStar® Container Re-Sealing Foil for the AltoStar® Purification Kit 1.5 containers
Order No.VK000021
Shipping Unit120

Screw Cap - red (cap for QS 1 - QS 4)

DescriptionScrew cap for micro tubes, red
Order No.VK000012
Shipping Unit5000

Screw Cap - blue (cap for Master A)

DescriptionScrew cap for micro tubes, blue
Order No.VK000013
Shipping Unit5000

Screw Cap - orange (cap for Positive Control)

DescriptionScrew cap for micro tubes, orange
Order No.VK000014
Shipping Unit5000

Screw Cap – violet (cap for Master B)

DescriptionScrew cap for micro tubes, violet
Order No.VK000015
Shipping Unit5000

Screw Cap - white (cap for NTC)

DescriptionScrew cap for micro tubes, white
Order No.VK000016
Shipping Unit5000

Dymo Labels

DescriptionDymo Durable Labels, 57x32 mm
Order No.VK000019
Shipping Unit1000

2 ml Tube

DescriptionTube, 2 ml, PP, transparent, without cap
Order No.VK000020
Shipping Unit500

AltoStar® Starter Kit

DescriptionAll consumables to get started
Order No.SK16
DeliveryOn a shrink-wrapped Euro-pallet by shipping agency

AltoStar® Plate Sealer


The AltoStar® Plate Sealer is a semi-automatic sheet heat sealer compatible with a wide range of seals and microplates, PCR and assay plates, as well as storage plates of differing designs and heights (4s3™, 4titude® Ltd). With variable temperature and time settings, sealing conditions are easily optimised to produce a 100% seal, eliminating sample loss.

Key Features

  • Automatic sealing process for unmatched sealing consistency
  • Simple, single button operation
  • Rapid heating element for fast start up
  • Real-time temperature display
  • Auto stand-by function to save energy

AltoStar® Plate Sealer

Order No.EA05149
Process SafetyRecommended for AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow

AltoStar® Work table with table holder and Ergotron arm


The solid laboratory table for AltoStar® workplace set-up is combined with a cabinet. The table has a loading weight of at least 300 kg. The Sit-Stand Combo Arm holds a monitor, bar-code scanner, keyboard, wrist rest and mouse on the same arm, providing easy, single-motion height adjustment.

Key Features

  • Work table with a vertical central panel combined with a cabinet and sliding doors
  • Dimension of table TA 16: width 120 cm, depth 80 cm, height is adjustable in a range from 78 cm to 92 cm
  • Table loading weight of at least 300 kg
  • Computer and monitor are placed next to the instrument on the PC arm
  • LCD Monitor with height adjustment, portrait-to-landscape rotation and 30°tilt
  • Fold-down worksurface/back-tilt keyboard tray
  • Integrated slide-out mouse tray and barcode scanner holder

AltoStar® Work table with table holder and Ergotron arm

Order No.TA16
Process SafetyRecommended for AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow
Prior installation please ask forPre-Installation Guide AltoStar® Automation System AM16 with table TA16

AltoStar® Consumables

AltoStar® Automation System AM16 - List of consumables

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