RealStar® Pathogen Panels


altona Diagnostics offers a broad menu covering major applications in infectious disease testing, established as Pathogen Panels. This reliable and efficient technique enables the parallel identification of relevant pathogens, which cause different diseases but often show the same signs and symptoms. Learn more about the five established altona Diagnostics pathogen panels.

RealStar® Kits for Immunosuppressed Patients


An immunocompromised patient does not have the ability to respond normally to an infection due to an impaired or weakened immune system. Those patients whose immune mechanisms are deficient because of congenital or acquired immunologic disorders (HIV-infected), chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cancer, emphysema, or cardiac failure, ICU care, malnutrition, and immunosuppressive therapy of another disease process are usually seriously ill. The RealStar® Immunocompromised PCR Panel facilitates the detection of pathogens that may have clinical relevance in immunocompromised patients.

RealStar® Kits for Respiratory Diseases


An acute respiratory infection is a disease and disorders of the upper or lower respiratory tract caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi that may interfere with normal breathing. The primary symptoms of respiratory disease are fever, breathlessness, chest pain, wheeze, cough and associated sputum production. Unfortunately, the signs and symptoms of the early stages of these diseases are similar. The RealStar® Respiratory PCR Panel is designed for an accurate detection of respiratory pathogens.

RealStar® Kits for Enteric Diseases


A variety of viruses, bacteria and parasites can cause infections of the digestive system. Acute diarrheal syndromes of these gastrointestinal infections (GI) are usually self-limiting, but may be complicated by dehydration, vomiting and fever. The kits of the RealStar® Enteric PCR Panel detect the most common agents of bacterial and viral enteric infections from stool specimens by providing same-day results. 

RealStar® Kits for Bloodborne Viruses


Blood Borne Viruses (BBVs) are viruses that some people carry in their blood and can be spread through contamination by blood and other body fluids from one person to another by various routes and over a prolonged time period. Some bloodborne viruses cause few to no symptoms, while others can cause severe illness and even death. The RealStar® Blood Born Virus PCR Panel facilicates the identification of these groups of pathogens.

RealStar® Kits for Tropical Diseases


This group of diseases occurring exclusively or largely in the equatorial, subequatorial, and tropical regions. They include mainly infectious and parasitic diseases, most of which are transmissible. Some immediately present symptoms of the tropical diseases, such as fever, aches, rash, sores, or swelling of the lymph nodes are often similar but can be caused by a variety of organisms such as bacteria, viruses or parasites. This makes detection and treatment difficult. The RealStar® Tropical PCR Panel offers a wide range of PCR kits for differential diagnosis.